After struggling through multiple videos of Tomi Lahren’s “Final Thoughts”, I took it upon myself to address some of her most glaring instances of misinformation.

This particular post refers to her final thoughts on the UN’s actions regarding Aleppo, in which she accuses the UN of spending more time “policing how big Wonder Woman’s boobs are” than policing human rights (the last 3ish minutes of this blood curdling video).

The Wonder Woman issue

In late October 2016, the UN announced that it would be using Wonder Woman as an “Honorary Ambassador  for the Empowerment of Women and Girls”. This move is about as superficial and symbolic as having Cookie Monster eat vegetables instead of entire boxes of Thin Mints on Sesame Street, and in a similar vain was regarded as a “controversial move” on some major news sites.

Controversial indeed. By December 13th, 44,000 people had signed a petition to remove the fictional Wonder Woman as the representative of the UN’s rather unknown female empowerment project. Most protestors felt that Wonder Woman embodied a hyper-sexualized image of femininity that served to perpetuate female objectification and hinder actual empowerment.

That’s pretty much the end of the story.


Now let’s look at the UN’s recent timeline of policing human rights in Aleppo

This starts about a month before the earth-shattering nomination of Wonder Woman (all dates in 2016).

Sept. 30 – Reports from UN representative state that more than 80% f UN aid convoys in Syria are being blocked or delayed by anti-rebellion forces.

Nov. 15th – UN cuts funding from $3.2 billion to $2.5 billion after lengthy discussions and reports stating that money is being drained and misappropriated due to political situation

Nov. 21st – Lengthy letter from UN ambassador Stephen O’Brien covers UN’s role in Syrian crisis, stating that they are meeting the needs of “6 million Syrians every month”, delivering health services for 9 million in cross-border convoys, delivered over 2 million vaccinations, delivered food for 3 million (“many on a monthly basis”), as well as other assistance. Notes that assistance is increasingly blocked. Requests UN makes immediate drastic and intervention in the political situation, states he makes these requests at every monthly meeting held about Syrian situation.

Dec. 1st – UN special envoy appeals for more shelter and medical attention as winter approaches, requests support for ceasefire

Dec. 9th – UN special envoy continues to appeal to UN about urgent situation in Aleppo

Dec. 14th – UN special envoy reports that Russia has made “UN powerless to intervene”


Final Conclusion

It’s difficult to watch Tomi Lahren because it is so obvious that she is reading someone else’s words off of a teleprompter with a cadence that reminds me of my high school’s morning broadcast show. I don’t even know how she would respond to someone actually challenging her statements, as I doubt she formulated them, but I know that there are thousands of people who consider her to be a legitimate source of policy news and opinion. Obviously, the UN did not spend more time policing the size of Wonder Woman’s boobs than policing the situation in Aleppo.

The use of “policing” itself is misinforming; the UN is not meant to be a global police force, but a global peacekeeping forum. In any case, it should be clear to anyone reading this that Tomi Lahren’s inflamed rhetoric regarding this and many other current issues should not be trusted.