Only posting because I promised myself I would write a blog post today but I feel spent just from creating the blog and title itself. I also went for a long run earlier which quelled most of my pent-up frustration concerning whatever politics happened to anger me today. Generally I find myself steaming over something by 10 AM so I’m hoping to post some actual content by noon tomorrow, which also gives me time to go on a manic following-random-blogs spree before I go to bed tonight.

For anyone interested: my political ideology is somewhat unconventional by standard analysis but probably somewhat commonplace among fellow millennials. My passion for political philosophy and policy analysis has trite beginnings (Marxist sociology class in college) but was expanded greatly after I discovered Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell. After a brief 2-year stint as a burning-heart libertarian, I have recently found myself back in the company of Noam Chomsky, Keynes, Galbraith, etc.

I feel at last cemented in my politics. I am an atheist and vehemently oppose the intersection of religion and politics. I believe and defend the free market but recognize its failures and support government intervention as a means of fixing those failures as well as preventing future ones. I oppose our current welfare system and believe it is inherently racist and has hurt our marginalized communities. I tend to lean towards Singer in most of my bioethics, meaning I joyously support abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research, as well as the idea of speciesism. I believe that most government work is poorly performed and executed and that a great deal of government responsibility should either be contracted out or performed by higher compensated employees. I believe the issues of our society have less to do with the size of government and more to do with the consolidation of power, whether that be public or private. My main interest (and day job) is criminal justice and the possibilities of reforming not only the system but the philosophy behind punishment, victimization, and retribution.